“We are all connected as one.” – an ancient dwarven axiom


The realm of Azulghan is contained in the form of a concave world. Looking to the sky, the brilliant Star Sphere dazzles during daybreak. It is inside this sphere, the stars shine light onto the land at nightfall. The two major land masses, Phyrra and Brandeal, are divided by roaring waves of the sea.

Phyrra, the northern most continent is ruled by the elves. Many of the elves homelands were washed away many years ago. The elven ruin are now referred to as the Sunklands. Thrown out of their homes, the elves still survive as a merry time people. They have changed their views of conquest to strength through community, extending to people even outside of their race.

Brandeal is located south of Phyrra. The dwarven continent is weary of travelers looking to uncover some of it’s hidden truths. After the Day of Darkness, the dwarves have become a more religious people. Prayer on the new axioms are how most spend time looking to atone for the sins of their ancestors. Some would say the Wandering Waste plagues this land as punishment of past evils.

Magical discoveries, untold horrors, and grand adventure await the brave and willing looking to test their mettle.

The Dying Aria of Azulghan

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